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Color Mixing 101: A Guide to Shade Pairing

Color Mixing 101: A Guide to Shade Pairing

This tourmaline necklace from the Be x Lauren K collection perfectly represents my sometimes unconventional color-pairing philosophy — green and purple make for an iconic duo, and orange and pink are practically neutrals. Shop the one-of-a-kind piece here!

Here in my colorful world, we don’t make rules about mixing and matching — we layer colors, embrace different textures, and pile on gems and jewels to our heart’s content. Color is my love language… I mean, have you seen my monthly newsletter? It’s basically an ode to allll the shades. (Sign up here!)

In a time of capsule wardrobes and minimalism, I see too many people afraid to pair bold colors together. But if you ask me, the best things come in pairs — Emily and Zane, old and new, and purple and green, to name a few…

When in doubt, match the Be On Park storefront.

Start With One Hue You Love

I like to choose my outfit before I choose my jewelry (the clothing is the cake, and the gems are the icing and sprinkles) — so if I’m starting fully from scratch, it’s a safe bet to assume I’ll be wearing some pink. It’s my favorite color, and it’s practically a neutral in my book. It truly can go with just about anything!

Paul Morelli has landed at Be — and his floral-inspired pieces make for the perfect layers. I’d wear this pink necklace with a pink dress or blazer… and maybe layered with turquoise beads!

To Keep It Safe Yet Chic, Try Tone on Tone

Once you’ve landed on your signature color (even for the day), a fun way to play around is to experiment with tone on tone. For me, this could look like a hot pink skirt with a white collared blouse and a light pink blazer, then topped with gold jewelry featuring accents of hot pink and orange. Or, it could be blue jeans and a blue sweater with turquoise and green jewelry. Many of my favorite jewelry pieces feature one hue in multiple shades.

Shop this Penny Preville ring.

This ring from the Be x Lauren K collection is practically a case study arguing for tone on tone. More pink, please!

Turquoise goes with just about anything… including light pink feathers and a glass of sauvignon blanc!

To Go Bold... Think Outside the Box

Certain pairings can be seen as trendy or taboo, but the truth is that there’s no right or wrong way to pair colors. In fact, I love playing with combinations I haven’t seen in too many other places.

Shop these green beads and these purple beads.

My Favorite Pairs:
(Like I said, there’s no wrong answer here.)
  • Turquoise and Coral
  • Orange and Pink
  • Chartreuse and Brown

    As for the one pairing I’ll never do… I know this might be controversial, but you’ll never see me pairing black with navy. I love them each separately — but I’d rather add some brightness into the mix.

    Shop colorful creations at Be On Park:

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