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Pink Lady Forever: The Case for Colorful Engagement Rings (And the Story of Mine!)

Pink Lady Forever: The Case for Colorful Engagement Rings (And the Story of Mine!)

If I’m known for anything around here, it’s my love of pink (or maybe it’s for having the cutest dog in town… it’s one or the other). I’ve never met a room or outfit that couldn’t be improved with an added dash (or massive splash) of pink.

The Story of My Pink Engagement Ring

Pink > Neutrals. I can’t think of a better example of this belief manifesting than when my husband Zane proposed to me. To be clear, Zane and I had only been dating for about six months, and we hadn’t yet looked at rings together at that point. Though I was blissfully unaware of his scheming, thankfully, my love of pink was SO clear that he landed on a ring as colorful as my home and my wardrobe (my bedroom at the time was a bright Benjamin Moore Coral Pink). After selecting the stone and working with the Be On Park team (the OG team before I came along!), he brought his vision to life — and it’s been on my finger ever since.

The Case for Color

It’s so special to me that Zane chose a ring that he felt was representative of me and of our story (we fell in love quickly, so our story is as unique as my ring!), and I always tell couples to consider a statement when choosing such an important piece. Every jewel is fantastic — there’s simply no doubt about that. But what’s even more fantastic is the person wearing it and the person who gifts it, meaning the ring should be representative of more than its number of carats or cut and clarity. You and your relationship are what makes the piece special, and it should suit who you are.

Whether I can convince you to go for a rosy ring or not, I do want to encourage all brides-to-be and casual jewelry lovers alike to reexamine their desire for “classic” pieces. Time and time again, couples and friends have told me that they’re looking for “timeless” (and then they go with a safe option)... But what’s more timeless than something everyday-wearable that’s unashamedly and totally, uniquely YOU?

Entering Your Colorful Jewel Life

For me and for the ring I’d wear every day, a colored stone in my favorite hue was a no-brainer. For you, it might be the same — or you might be drawn to a unique shape (I’m obsessed with this one) or a diamond set with turquoise or agate (maybe you even want a cocktail ring to slip on every day!). I’m not here to judge, I’m only here to encourage you to make jewelry decisions (whether for your engagement, a birthday, an anniversary, or simply a new piece to add to your collection) with yourself in mind. Jewelry should be an expression of you and your style — and there’s nothing more classic than that. 

Just browsing? A few more colorful, whimsical rings on my mind:

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