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Stack It Up: My Guide to Layering Jewelry

Stack It Up: My Guide to Layering Jewelry
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Just one fabulous jewel or gemstone is perfectly fine… but why stop there? I’ve always subscribed to the notion that more is more, especially when it comes to my jewelry. You’ve worked hard to curate that collection — so why not wear it all at once? 

Okay, maybe not ALL at once… but I’m certainly a big fan of layering your necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Here, I share my foolproof formula for building your stacks (with a few key pieces you’ll wear again and again — and if you don’t already have them, this is your sign!).

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Let’s Start With The Basics

I recommend playing the game of odds — that is, layer in odd numbers, sticking with combinations of three, five, or even seven. Building in odd numbers adds dimension and cohesion without looking too symmetrical. That said, rules were made to be broken — and I’ve been known to love a stack of four at times.

No matter the number of pieces you choose, it’s best to start with a formula. Instead of pairing similar items together, choose complementary options instead. For example, if you’re looking to give your tennis bracelet a friend, opt for a string of various gems or a different silhouette altogether. (We’ll get into the formulas for each jewelry type below!)

Finally, size is key. With necklaces, you want to keep all the chains at different lengths. Bracelets should fall in a stack rather than a clump, and rings should be diversified in the size of stone and statement. Now let’s dive deeper…

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Necklaces: Charmed, I’m Sure

When it comes to stacking, there’s no need to overcomplicate. To begin, I recommend starting with a tried-and-true favorite. For me, that’s a classic strand of diamonds. From there, let’s add some dimension! For a funky combo, complement the classic with some color and a charm. For a more low-key look, add similar chains in varying lengths. A little inspiration below…


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Bracelets: The Art of Juxtaposition

“Arm parties” are cult favorites for a reason — bracelets are simply addicting! While I might stop at three pieces on my neck, I’ve been known to layer up to seven bracelets at a time. The key to bracelet selection perfection is to vary the feels and finishes. For example, start with a “soft” bracelet (maybe it’s made of a flexible material for wrapping), then add a harder bangle and maybe a chunky link. When in doubt, kick things off with a tennis bracelet or your everyday watch, then build in additional colors, finishes, textures, and sizes from there.

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Layering Rings: Out, Not Up

Rings are my lifelong love, so you’ll rarely see me without a handful on at once. It’s common to see rings stacked on the same finger (which I do love), but my preference is to stack out instead of up. I put larger rings on the pointer and middle fingers, then daintier options stacked on my ring fingers and pinkies. 

Another trick with rings is to coordinate with your bracelets. If I’m wearing a chunky bracelet stack on my left wrist, I’ll go heavier on the rings on my right hand. I think that creates a nice balance and symmetry, even when bold colors and styles are competing for attention!

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The Bottom Line…

I’ve got a few rules listed here, but the truth is that there are none. Jewelry is about expressing yourself and what you love, so I’m a firm believer in wearing whatever leaves you feeling confident, beautiful, and most like yourself. If that means wearing 20 necklaces at once, who am I to stop you!?

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