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A natural, conflict free, and ethically mined rough diamond. Chosen just for you, cut just for you, in a setting designed just for you. A one-of-a-kind way to create your one-of-a-kind ring.

Every Kwiat Tiara diamond is cut from the rough stone by Kwiat and can be traced to its country of origin. This guarantees that the diamond is conflict free and sustainably and ethically mined.

When you choose a Kwiat engagement ring, you are also supporting our contributions to charity: water, an organization that provides clean water to people around the world. Every diamond ring sold provides water for an entire family.


Kwiat Tiara Diamonds — seven iconic shapes, cut to perfect standards and absolutely consistent every time. Each cut reveals the maximum brilliance and size appearance for its weight…which means your diamond will always look bigger and brighter.

Kwiat Round™

A whiter, brighter, and larger looking round diamond, cut
to the world's highest standards. Simply brilliant.


This remarkable stone is available in the U.S. only at
Kwiat. Its unique faceting pattern gives it
a dazzling prismatic effect and makes it
appear 30% to 50% larger than other diamonds of the
same carat weight.

Fred Leighton® Round

We evolved a beloved cut from the 1890s, using modern technology to create
consistent dimensions that make the diamond look bigger and brighter.
It has all the charm of an antique, and all the precision of a contemporary cut.

Kwiat Cushion™

The cushion cut has been adored for centuries, but it's difficult to find a well-cut
one. That's why we created Kwiat Cushion - a true brilliant cut with more sparkle and fire.

Kwiat Oval™

Oval diamonds have an elongated silhouette that makes them appear larger than
their carat weight. Kwiat Oval surpasses the typical, with a perfect shape, ideal
length-to-width ratio, and a unique faceting pattern.

Kwiat Emerald Cut™

Popularized during the Art Deco era, the emerald cut has clean lines and parallel step
cut facets that create a 'hall of mirrors' effect. We improved on the classic to create a
modern emerald cut with pure brightness and fire.

Kwiat Radiant™

Radiant cuts are for those who love a diamond with a rectangular shape and more
sparkle. Kwiat Radiant offers the maximum brilliant, with a unique combination of
facets that creates pure brightness throughout the diamond.


A look at the four steps that transform a rough diamond into an extraordinary ring that celebrates your love.

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