Be On Park has gathered collections from the most talented artisans and designers in the world; uniting the beautiful elements found within nature with the splendor of rare, fine jewelry.

When longtime friends Janice Blumberg and Matina Saltsman decided to open a store together, they turned to a book with a simple name for inspiration, Be by Kobi Yamada.

A compilation of inspiring quotations, Be explores the core elements that bring life to living.

“Be moved” – Live to the point of tears. “Be constructive” – Clear your mind of can’t. “Be excited” – The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it’s really a different kind of life. “Be amazing” – It is up to you to illuminate the world. “Be resourceful” – Almost everything comes from almost nothing. “Be present” – In life there are no ordinary moments; most of us never really recognize the most significant moments of our lives when they’re happening.

Janice and Matina have embraced the “philosophy of being” while fashioning their store and its culture. “Each piece should be beautiful, unique and packaged with love. We want every customer to be happy with their new treasure and excited for the next”.